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Welcome to Sahara N.V. - Your choice of rice with the freshest taste from the Amazon. Being an ISO 22000:2005 and HACCP certified company, Sahara has distinguished herself from competitors by ensuring food safety according to international standards. Supplying for major restaurants, hotels and being a household name in Suriname, our brand "Sranan Alesie" (translated: Suriname Rice) is amongst the most reconized names locally and hope to have the same effect internationally as we expand.


Sahara N.V., producer of rice brand “Sranan Alesie” has won the World Quality Business Golden Award for the second time in Paris. This reward is presented to companies that are known for quality, innovation, customer service and a high reputation amongst buyers and suppliers.


Sahara N.V., producer of rice brand “Sranan Alesie” has won the World Quality Business Golden Award for the second time in Paris. This reward is presented to companies that are known for quality, innovation, customer service and a high reputation amongst buyers and suppliers.


2016 has been a year of growth for Sahara N.V. Currently we are proud to say that we supply rice to the follwing countries: Netherlands, Jamaica, Martinique, Trinidad.




Unpolished Rice
Unpolished rice is the dried paddy grain with the chaff removed. The coat is still attached to the product making the rice healthier.

White Rice
This is the dried paddy with the chaff removed and further grinded and polished to become white rice.

First the rice is grinded, then polished. In grinding the rice, the rice grains grate together as a result of which the coat and kernel disappear. After grinding, the rice is polished. Remains of starch on the grains are removed making the rice less sticky. The result is light rice with a mild taste.

Sahara N.V. offers its customers two main products under its own brand name SRANAN ALESIE. These two main products are: white rice and unpolished rice. Sahara Rice is available in different quality (0-5% broken, 5-10% broken, 10-20% and 20-45% broken.

Super White Rice

Super Rice is the main product of SRANAN ALESIE. Our Super Rice consists for the most part of whole grains and the percentage of broken rice is between 0% -10%. 
Our rice is rich in vitamins and contains the following nutritional value: 1482 KJ, 7 gr protein, 1 gr fat, 78 gr carbohydrates, 2 gr fiber, 2 mg sodium, 100 mg potassium, 10 mg, calcium, 0.4 mg iron, 0.04 mg B1, 0.03 mg B2.  Our Super Rice is available in various types of packaging from 1 kg up to a maximum of 25 kg.


Semi-Super White Rice

Semi-Super Rice is another product of SRANAN ALESIE. The only difference between Super Rice and Semi-Super Rice is that there is a larger percentage of broken rice. The percentage of broken rice in Semi-Super Rice is between 15% – 18%. Our Semi-Super Rice is also available in packaging from 1 kg up to a maximum of 25 kg with special packaging for 50 kg to 1000 kg.

Consumption Rice

Consumption White Rice is another product of SRANAN ALESIE. Our Consumption White Rice contains 25% - 30% broken rice and is also available in packaging of 9.1 kg and 25 kg with special packaging for 50 kg to 1000 kg.


Breuk 1 / Broken Rice

Broken Rice I is used by the financially weak. The reason for this is that it is 100% broken rice and it is cheaper. The rice consists of quarter and half broken rice.
This broken rice is available in packaging of 9.1 kg and 25 kg with special packaging for 50 kg to 1000 kg.

Breuk 2 / Broken Rice

This is rice consisting only of half grains and is also used for daily consumption. This makes it best suitable for poultry.
This broken rice is available in packaging of 9.1 kg and 25 kg with special packaging for 50 kg to 1000 kg.

Fine Grain

Is also known as chicken feed. This is best suitable for poultry.
The fine grain rice products are available in packaging of 25 kg, 50 kg and bulk packaging (packaging of 100 kg).


Various Packaging

Our rice is available for both local and international market in various packages.
1 kg - 2kg - 4.5 kg - 9.1 kg - 18.2 kg - 25 kg

Parboiled Rice

This is rice that is soaked in the chaff and is then pre-steamed. The effect of pre-steaming is that a large part of the nutrients soak from the coat into the grain. After parboiling, the rice is still polished and grinded. Parboiled rice has a higher nutritional value than white rice. Parboiled rice is not produced in Suriname, but imported by Sahara N.V.


Rice Bran

As our last product we have rice bran. This is the brown or white powder that is released during the polishing from “cargo rice”, unpolished rice to white rice.
Rice bran is available only in packaging of 30 kg.

About Us

In 1966, the late Mr. Laltapersad Bishesar, together with his sons, started a small rice-husking plant (huller) behind his home in the rice district Nickerie. This one-man business was transformed into a limited liability company in 1981 and he appointed his eldest son, Soender Bishesar, the first general manager of this company. Today, the company is run by the sons of Mr. Soender Bishesar who is now retired. The company developed steadily and in 1992, it branched out to Paramaribo with its own distribution network at the Lalla Rookhweg 17.
sahara_nickerie sahara_nickeriea sahara_paramaribo
Sahara N.V. is a company that buys and processes rice and is established in the Nickerie District. Its main offices and sales distribution center are established in Paramaribo. Sahara N.V. operates on the agricultural market. It offers services and products to the entire population of Suriname. Its products are suitable for all household in Suriname and the principal product is good for young and old.

SAHARA N.V. commits itself to:
- Always use the food safety standard in accordance with the ISO 22000 and to correct it constantly in order to fulfill the needs of the customers. A very motivated team of qualified co-workers is put in charge to control and correct the food safety system in order for a better product.
- To gain a leading position in the national market and to obtain a good market position in the international market.
Sahara N.V. as a company in the agricultural sector of Suriname pursues to intensify its consideration towards its target group through food safety and ISO certification and, as a result, better guarantee quality, service and continuity of its products.
- Suriname, as a very fertile country, will have to change the direction of its agricultural policy in the future to meet the demand for food of the increasing world population. Sahara N.V. is a catalyst in this regard, in particular, for realizing food safety for the country and its people and also for contributing to the generation of foreign currency.

- To put a motivated team of qualified co-workers to control and correct the food safety system constantly in order to better their product.
- Every 6 month there is an intern audit by the organization to assess the management system for food safety. They check if the food savety team does their work propperly.
- To become the leader of the local market within five years because of their product and to gain a good position in the international market within 5 years.
- Every 2 years the market position of SAHARA must be investigated on the local markets.
- To increase their income with 20% within 2 years by emphasizing quality, service and food safety.



In its future plans, Sahara N.V. has included food safety in order to become ISO22000 certified. In this manner, Sahara wishes to distinguish itself within the rice branch and come across as very reliable to its customers. Sahara N.V. also known as “Sranan Alesie”, has gone through the initial audit on the 13th of November 2008, under the guidance of Polyformis Consultants, successfully. The official certificate had been received on the 10th of February 2009 from SGS Nederland BV systems. ISO 22000 includes a quality system for food safety. Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) is also included in the quality system.

dnv_sahara Sahara N.V. is the first rice business in Suriname which received the ISO 22000 certificate. With the gain of this certificate Sahara N.V. shows that she is able to fulfill the demands of the customers (international standards) and always bring safe products into the market. The certification has been recently renewd by DNV Netherlands in 2013 and is current.





Moksi Alesie / Mixed Rice

WHAT YOU NEED: 500 gr rice, 250 gr yellow split peas, 250 gr salted meat, 1 onion, 1 tomato, Black pepper, 1 fresh pepper, 3 bouillon cubes, 4 tablespoons of oil


Boil the peas until almost done. Desalt the salted meat and chop into pieces. Dice the onion and tomato. Heat the oil and fry the meat with the onion and tomato. Add the cooked peas together with 1 liter of water. Bring to a boil, add black pepper and bouillon cubes. Add rice. Put the pepper on top of the rice and put the lid on. The moksi alesi is cooked in 30 minutes. Serve with fried banana, cucumber, tomato or okra in vinegar.


In October 2006, Sahara N.V. started a cambio business in its building at the Lalla Rookhweg under the name Sahara’s Cambio. 
A cambio, no more no less, a money exchange office. 
This is the place for all your financial transactions and foreign transfers!!


We are also the place for:
* Purchasing telephone cards
* Withdrawing cash with your Dutch ATM Card

At all money exchange above €250,- en $250,- our customers receives free rice. You may also choose to receive only Surimiles - for every1€ and 1$ 6x Surimiles points.

In addition you can visit sahara any and all cash withdrawl in Euro and USD




Sahara N.V.

Lalla Rookhweg 17
Paramaribo, Suriname
P: (+597) 211-454

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